Café Slush-AY

We love this icy recipe because there are so many ways to mix it up and make it your own!  Pumpkin coffee + caramel creamer? F yes.  Dark roast + vanilla creamer?  Delicious.  This one requires a few preppy baby steps but we're pretty sure you can handle it. And, we know it'll be worth it. You'll start by brewing some of your favorite coffee and turning it into cubes a day or so in advance. We're talking coffee wizardry here.

Let's get started on this fancy AF twist on your regular cup 'o joe, shall we?

Grab This:

2 cups of your fav coffee, brewed + chilled

¼ cup creamer of choice

2 T MORTAR + KUSH Refined Hemp Sugar

Prep Steps:

Pour 1.5 c chilled coffee into ice cube trays [bonus if they’re dinosaurs]

Keep leftover coffee in the fridge. Don’t worry, it’ll be making a comeback real soon ; )

Let coffee cubes freeze completely [we usually whip ours up over the weekend and ice up our week!]

Do This:

Place half of your coffee cubes + ½ c chilled brew in blender 

Add your ¼ cup creamer + 2 T Hemp Sugar then blend

Add remaining frozen cubes and continue blending until well combined

Pour in glass and try to avoid the brain freeze as you sip that sip and marvel at your hand-crafted icy coffee slush-ay

[Emphasis on hand-crafted.]

#bringthesugar on IG before it melts.

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