Midnight Mojito

We love a good BOO-zy bev (hellooooo Hocus Pocus Punch),

And this Halloween cocktail is W I T C H I N'!

It's spooky enough for a Halloween soiree.

And edgy AF. Just like we like it.

Bring your ghosts and goblins, friends!

And #bringthesugar.

Drop 5 basil leaves in a highball glass


1 tsp brown sugar

1 tsp MORTAR + KUSH Refined Hemp Sugar

1 T fresh squeezed lime juice

Gently muddle


1.5 oz Dark Fruit Spiced Rum

4.5 oz club soda

crushed ice


Garnish that thang with a lime wedge, a good lookin' basil leaf, and some blackberries

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Happy Halloween!

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