• WTH is CBD?

    bet it isn't what ya think!

    Abbreviated as "CBD", Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in the hemp plant and does not possess psychoactive properties.  It's no secret hemp plants and marijuana plants look nearly identical in structure and we know, it can be difficult to tell. The useful compound can be extracted from both plants but doing so yields very different results and thus, unstable relief. Since relief is what we're after, CBD should really only ever be extracted from hemp plants for use in consumer products. Viable CBD comes in many forms such as oils or tinctures as well as topicals and  edibles.  CBD Isolate, specifically, is made from removing all other compounds found in the hemp plant, making it the purest form of CBD available and relief more attainable than ever.


  • MADE in the USA

    because why wouldn't it be?

     We were adamant when it came to sourcing our ingredients and as a result, our dream of only working with US suppliers has become a reality. Our partnerships are strong and #bringthesugar because we all believe US soil has a lot to give. Together, we're committed to making an extraordinary product more accessible to the average American seeking relief. We're serious when we say you should know where your CBD comes from and how it's manufactured...you put it in your body, after all. So, we can proudly say our CBD Isolate powder is derived from hemp plants rooted in US soil and carefully extracted in a state of the art facility by specialized licensed professionals. Because we use quality ingredients, our products deliver +99.59% of pure Cannabidiol (CBD). America.


  • CBD + LOVE

    equals something sweet.

    We don't have to tell you the most potent ingredient in our products is love...it just is. So, when we first set out to utilize CBD Isolate powder in an edible product, we were drawn to the idea of combining it with sugar, specifically for every day use.  Our sugar is hand-pestled for equal distribution and artisan texture, available at a fair price. We LOVE supplementing a tsp or two in our unsweetened beverages, mixing it into yogurt, sprinkling on fruit or even baking it into treats for the pup at home! When you combine CBD and love...well, life gets sweeter.